Reminiscent of a more conventionally melodic Gastr del Sol, Mold offer warm and inviting post-rock psychedelia on this four-track debut EP. The lengthy opening track, “Antonov / Olivers Poem” is a beautifully conceived piece that moves from ambient repetition to a frantic, wide-open climax, taking a loose and jangly approach similar to The Mice Parade, and with vocal textures most likely lifted from melancholia champs Simon And Garfunkel. “Niami” is a slab of complex and dreamy psych-pop, not unlike Elephant 6’s updated nostalgia trips, while the sweet love song “Tupolev” defies simplistic obviousness by means of irresistible charm and some rather morbid lyrical twists and turns. And if “Mapo” is a bit too straightforward to truly stand out on here, it is still far more intriguing and enjoyable than what most of Mold’s post-rocking competitors regularly spew forth. Tempelhof proves to be a surprisingly delightful and beautifully subdued release, a true post-rock gem that transcends mere genre limitations simply by ignoring them. Well worth looking up.


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