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I have to admit, this is the first time I’ve recognized an artist from his song titles. Brian Connelly, guitarist for Shadowy Men on a Shadowy planet, gave us the theme to the Kids in the Hall TV show, also known as “Having An Average Weekend.” Their style was entirely instrumental and came with snazzy names like “Wow Flutter Hiss ‘86, Schlagers!,” “Ben Hur Picked Off in a Gazebo” and in case you were wondering, “We’re Not a Fucking Surf Band.”

On Atomic 7, Connelly continues his tradition of monstrous twang with seventeen tracks and seventeen titles like “Cold Black Dead Heart Polka,” “Your Ironic T-Shirt” and “Save Your Fork There’s Pie.” There’s the opening “Chock Full O’ Notes” which gives way to the longest minute-and-a-half I’ve heard in a long time, the insanely hooky “Sexyactioncool.” Another song title that has its promise fulfilled: “Her Sassy Kiss,” a jaunty sliding number that recalls guitar and pedal steel duo Speedy West and Jimmy Bryant. “Hairbone” showcases the other side of West and Bryant, with a double time beat nailing down cascading streamers of clean guitar notes. “You Ain’t Having Fun Until You’re Dialing 911” is loads of fun, and I haven’t even dialed 911 yet. I’m sure if I play this enough times and loudly enough, I can call the cops on myself. Here’s to trying!

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