I’d say just about everybody has an idea as to who the Newsboys are; they’re one of the biggest Christian pop groups, and have had a slew of hits on contemporary Christian radio stations. It’s funny how the best known Christian rock bands really aren’t that good, i.e. Creed, MXPX, but Newsboys are actually very talented and write stellar songs.

This CD takes some of Newsboys best songs and twists and turns them into all different manner of new creations. I really like the new mix of the song “Joy,” it has a really booty shakin’ beat, an awesome guitar riff, and the remix just takes an already quality song to a new level. Awesome! I also really like the version of “Beautiful Sound” on Remixed; it reminds me of the electropop duo Erasure, from their heyday of “Breath Of Life” times. I hope I don’t offend anyone by comparing Newsboys to Erasure, but the similarities are obvious (as a side note, the version of “Thrive” hear screams early Erasure!).

I think what I like best about this record is band’s ridiculously strong skill for coming up with a singable hook. Crap! These guys should be writing for some of the famous pop stars who don’t write for themselves (see Madonna, Michael Jackson, etc.); the choruses on this collection of songs are just fantastic!

Let me tell you that the remix of “Fad of the Land” is very Oasis-esque during the verse, and I thoroughly enjoyed it! I would have to say my favorite track here is the remix of “Helmet” — the beat is so sweet and is very modern sounding, and I would like to see Newsboys explore more work with beats like this. The song stands out against the others as the “best” track, as the vocals are infallible, the little blips and things sound perfect, and again, Erasure similarities abound.

Fans of Newsboys probably already own this. For people new to Newsboys, this is not the most accurate taste of what Newsboys are all about, but it is personally my favorite Newsboys CD, but that’s probably because I love Erasure. The CD is nearly 70 minutes long, so you’re getting your money’s worth. Awesome CD.


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