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Nice One

The Nice+Smooth Ultramedia Sampler


Nice+Smooth is a Canadian-based label that deals in music at the more dreamworthy end of the electronic spectrum – namely deep house and drum n’ bass. Showcased in sampler form, the label’s decision to release tracks from these two genres makes a lot of sense; the work on display here is unified in vibe and sits really well together (kinda rare when it comes to eclectic samplers). Nice One feels drenched in summer energy – the whole thing is very reminiscent of a deep sunset mix played by a laid-back DJ in a cafe somewhere. With just enough experimental glitchiness to give them edge and the converse balance of classic vocal stylings and synthery, N+S’s roster know their stuff. These are extremely well produced works, on par with anything I can think of throwing at them – side by side, it becomes apparent pretty quickly that nice+smooth have a lot of formidable talent assembled. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that there’s not a dud among these tracks, and that Nice One is a killer compilation. Highly recommended.

Nice+Smooth Records:

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