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Please pardon me, as this CD came out several months ago, and was found in a stack of about ten CDs that I never reviewed, hidden under my stack of data CD-Rs that contain the entirety of Upright Citizen’s Brigade. Apologies.

Anyway, I thought that The Disco Biscuits played techno music, but on Senor Boombox, they’ve become a bunch of burned out hippies, playing hippie rock, a la Phish. I’m not a huge Phish fan, but there are a few Phish songs that I like; the same can be said for my relationship with The Disco Biscuits. Many of the songs here are just too “roll a doobie and puff, puff, give” for my taste; on the other hand, The Disco Biscuits do show some of their techno roots on here, and I really enjoy those songs. For example, “Float Like a Butterfly” is a really cool techno-based song, the beat in the song being an uptempo butt-shaker that had me freaking out at how cool it was. There are lots of weird little computer blips, horns, distorted guitars, and otherwise chaotic sounding noises, but the song is kept together by an angelic singer who repeats the song’s title every once in a while.

“Floodlights” confused me further, as it is an almost grunge-sounding song, witha syncopation and structure similar to The Beastie Boys’ “Fight For Your Right to Party.” It’s a pretty good song, though (I could have done without the gratuitous guitar solo). “Jigsaw Earth” is a prog-rock song with a reggae base that wanders around for over seven minutes; image crossing Jethro Tull and Bob Marley. Weird.

“Floes” is a really cool song, bordering on math rock. The guitar riff is sweet as hell! This one is another seven minute long rocker, and it sounds similar to Phish’s harder music.

To be frankly honest, there’s so many different musical styles on this record that I was confused and had a headache after listening to the record. I swear, I actually developed a headache from it! Phish fans will probably love it, but I’m going to take a Tylenol.

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