Reagan National Crash Diet / Decibators

Reagan National Crash Diet / Decibators

Split 7″

Rooster Cow

I really like the name Reagan National Crash Diet, but my preconception based on their name was wrong: I figured that they would be brat-gutter punk or something. Instead, I was happy to hear that their song, “White Man,” is actually a very urgent, fierce, and brutal Fugazi meets Braid kind of aggro-emo thing. It’s sort of like a slower version of Universal Order of Armageddon. They even have one guy that sounds like Ian and one that sounds like Guy; one of them’s a girl though, so go figure… Cute song.

The other side is a little more obnoxious and less fun, just straight ahead Jon Spencer wanna-be kind of stuff, done by a band called The Decibators. I got sleepy when the wild and crazy lead singer started to freak out, and I was sleeping soundly by the end of the song. It was a hearty nap.

Pretty cool seven-inch with an interesting combination of bands. I look forward to hearing more from R.N.C.D. and I recommend this seven-inch based on their merits alone. You can use The Decibators side to put out cigarettes.

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