The Johnny Zoom Cheerlead Squad

The Johnny Zoom Cheerlead Squad

Honey Baby Sweetie


The Tampa-based band The Johnny Zoom Cheerlead Squad has recorded a derivative pop-rock album in Honey Baby Sweetie. From many of the tracks (“Number One Fan” and “No Baby No” in particular) it sounds like The Squad are attempting to emulate the somber Britpop of the early ’90s; however, The Squad’s campy band name coupled with its insistence to record nearly everything live, thus “keeping” their first take, doesn’t allow them the potential they may have.

For instance, on the album’s title track, Johnny Zoom sings an unemotional sappy lyric: “When I showed up there was nothing left,” while drummer, Mark Tozian, pounds the skins eerily similar to the previous track, “Stereo Receiver.” And “Johnny Loves Chachi” is simply an annoying dub of someone repeating, “Johnny loves Chachi.”

The Johnny Zoom Cheerlead Squad:

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