Three Day Threshold

Three Day Threshold

Behind The Barn


I guess this is supposed to be some kind of rock/country fusion thing, but it’s more rock than it is country; on the other hand, the singer’s accents on words are very similar to those of country rockers, so go figure. Anyway, this rocks too hard to be country, and it’s too “hick” to really be rock, so this is what it is: “Southern Fried Rock!”

I can’t believe that I actually like this, but I do. Some of the songs, especially the up tempo ones, border on sounding like California punk rock, while others border on sounding like Hee-Haw outtakes.

Three Day Threshold’s music is more Supersuckers than it is Old ’97s, in that these guys came to rock and rock is what they do. The guitars are really what makes this record worth listening to. They somehow manage to rock, while simultaneously playing melodic lines that sound as if they were intended to be played on a banjo… really! The guitar players are really quite talented musicians and their work alone makes this record worth at least one listen.

Lastly, the attitude of Behind The Barn is the best part about it. I was born in Northwestern Kentucky, so I know a little bit about Southern attitude, and these guys really encapsulate it well. Really, this a fun and rockin’ record that’s hard to pin down.

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