Whiskey Rebels

Whiskey Rebels

Whiskey Rebels


Whiskey Rebels offer some rather brilliant Sacramento street punk on their first album, not unlike fellow Oi! neighbors Pressure Point — with whom they share a couple of members. Vocalist Big Chuck — yeah… — is absolutely great fronting this scruffy, turbo-charged five-piece. Whiskey Rebels seem passionately furious about their subject matter — everyday life and misery, that is — and the mood runs through the entire album: it’s 16 gritty and raw-sounding tracks that laugh in the face of subtlety. Pressure Point may still be the better pick of the two, but Whiskey Rebels aren’t lagging too far behind. This is a fun and furious first album worth checking out for the drunk-punks out there.

GMM Records: http://www.gmmrecords.com

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