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Divorcee’s debut, Lovesick, is field with well-crafted pop songs a la Coldplay and Travis. Singer Ryan Seitz’s nasal delivery naturally lends to Britpop comparisons, but after closer inspection, Divorcee owes more to early ’90s television theme songs than Britain.

On “Lovesick,” for instance, Seitz sings “Fallen angel… there’s no love for us now,” which could be the theme to a Party Of Five reunion show. On “Throw It All Away,” lyrically, anyway, Divorcee sounds much like its name suggests: a sentimental, 40-ish woman (or many) recently divorced: “You’re the apple of my eye.”

The occasional sappiness on Lovesick can often be overwhelming, but the simple song structures on “Back Row” and “Underground” easily make-up for the lyrical tone.


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