Bella Morte

Bella Morte

The Quiet


The third full-length release from these metal-infused goths prove they can weep with the best of them, all the time churning out one sweltering, huge chorus after the other. While Bella Morte may gaze towards This Mortal Coil and Sisters Of Mercy for inspiration, they are equally indebted to the shimmering melodic brilliance of Soft Cell and Alphaville — as songs like “Whispers,” “Echoes” and the title track all set out to prove.

High on drama and melodic pretensions, then, but in a good way — Bella Morte don’t pretend to be anything they’re not. They really got that grand epic ballad thing going, but the unadulterated synth rock of tracks like “Living Dead” and “Christina” aren’t equally impressive. Thankfully, there aren’t many of those on here, and Bella Morte spend most of this album convincing the listener that they rule. Mission accomplished, then.

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