Colour Trip

Colour Trip

Kill My Super Ego


Beneath a horrendous cover nestles some pretty decent metalcore from German five-piece Colour Trip. Pulling no punches, with themes of hard drugs and raised self-awareness, Colour Trip may not be this month’s Teen Choice act, but deliver a couple of riff-heavy, sagging hardcore tracks on here. “Case Filter” is an angry slab of metal, while “Planet Valium” finds the band in a rather engaging, slowly grinding mood. The very moshable “Trak Enterprises” sounds like a live favorite if ever there was one, and “Concrete Block” is fine metalpunk. The production is a bit too muddled and both songwriting and performance a bit cliché-ridden, but at they’re best, Kill My Super Ego stomps n’ grinds with the best of ’em.

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