Crazy Town

Crazy Town

Dark Horse


Skulls. Scantily clad women. A Parental Advisory sticker. I, for one, am excited by Crazy Town’s new album, and I haven’t even put the CD in yet. It’s time to join in with the band and say “No! I won’t calm down! No! I won’t put my firearm down! Hell no! We’re either leavin’ here fightin’ or we’re writin’ some new rules.”

But please, resist the urge to skip straight to track eight, “Battle Cry,” from which the above lyrics come — there’s plenty to be enjoyed in the album’s opening half. “Decorated” tries to set up Dark Horse as a serious post-rap-metal, post-funk-rock record. Unfortunately, Crazy Town don’t do Linkin Park very convincingly, but at least they can recognize the difficulties of making music in their field — on “Drowning,” we’re told that “Everything is so complex/Every day is like a test full of obstacles.” Could they have said it any better?

And don’t think that Dark Horse is without its lighter moments. A rousing anthem for the disenchanted (male, white) youth? No problems! Head for “Waste of my Time,” in which we hear the “Story of the whore and the man’s bad luck/But it’s all for the best I guess — Next!” The moral, boys? Say the Crazy Town thing to your woman — “Ya acting like a bitch so I got to leave you.” Simple!

I love this band!

Crazy Town:

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