Lenny Dee Presents

Lenny Dee Presents

IFS4 : Chillin is Killin

The Music Cartel

A new massive double disc in Lenny Dee’s IFS series — Industrial Fuckin’ Strength, that is — on which the pioneering label head gives us 34 of his favorite hardcore techno tracks for your listening “pleasure.” Divided into a “chillin’ side” and a “killin’ side,” there really isn’t that much difference between the two — chillin’ in Dee’s world just being another term for fucked-up, sinister, hard techno.

Still, the first disc proves to be the best one out of the two — the mix kicks off with a whisper, gradually building to a frantic, pounding scream. Dee presents his twisted scope in a beautiful manner, holding it all back, teasing the listener with snippets of blasting beats, and not really giving the hardcore game away before the set is halfway through.

The “killin’ side,” on the other hand, may share some of the first disc’s musical diversity, but nothing of its subtlety. Here it’s all blasted fury from the opening and on to the end, with evil-spirited jokes rather than the first disc’s dark humor. It’ll all work wonders on a techno dance floor, but it’s the first disc that’ll make you pull this one out at home too.

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