Morvern Callar

Morvern Callar

Soundtrack to a Film by Lynne Ramsay


This is apparently a quite literal soundtrack to the movie, Movern Callar. I haven’t seen the film, but from what I gather, this Warp release is the last mix CD a young man makes for his ladyfriend before he kills himself. How engaging! And yet, no Smiths B-sides to be found.

If I made mix CDs as bad as this guy, I probably would’ve killed myself as well. Besides that Russian Lit-loving ponce that has spent the past nine years jerking off over CMJ magazine, who puts four Can songs (if you count Holger Czukay as Can, which I do) on a single mix?

The selections are redundantly hipster-motivated, touching the bases of all indie-lauded musical acts. Lee Perry, Lee Hazlewood, conveniently selected Warp artists like Aphex Twin and Boards Of Canada. The Movern Callar soundtrack is disturbingly contrived, and ceaselessly unpleasant. The homogeny doesn’t even end there, to include both a track by Stereolab and one by Broadcast shows simple lack of class!

There is no sense of flow or thought that has gone into this mix besides simple name-dropping. Perhaps this is a major theme in the movie, and thus, everything comes full circle. If anyone sees this awful-looking piece of artflick bullshit, send me an email and let me know.

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