Since their inception in 1990, Swedish metal outfit Opeth have challenged the conceptions of progressive metal and refined their own unique expression and approach to their music. Deliverance is their sixth album, and by far their most stunning and daring release yet. Effortlessly combining black/death metal with classic progressive rock to something larger than the sum of its parts, Opeth craft epic and dramatic songs that regularly clock in at 10-13 minutes, without ever stopping for breath or dull repetition.

A track like “A Fair Judgment” proves they can’t get away with murder, but the main portion of this is stunning in its scope and breathtakingly brave. The album’s two closing numbers — “Master’s Apprentices” and “By the Pain I See in Others” — may be the least immediately accessible on here, but are the ones on which Opeth show their true breadth and singular vision. A monstrously dark and grim affair that always makes room for sweeping beauty beneath it all.

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