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Raised Fist


Burning Heart / Epitaph

Raised Fist have come a long way since their early metal beginnings, and Dedication is a full-on 35 minutes of stomping hardcore attack, a relentless and uncompromising album of socio-political propaganda and pent-up social aggression. It’s a brilliant record that sprouts with anger and resentment at a world gone mad and at people offering each other up at the altar of cash and credibility.

Our ways of thinking is effecting the youth/And I’m engaged to make myself come through to you/We’ve just begun to realize what we have to do,” they offer as a sort of program in “Killing Revenues.” Raised Fist have tired of music without a sense of direction, and decided that something needs to be done. Dedication marks a new start for the band, and this is one of the finest, most inspiring screamcore albums I’ve heard lately. Pure HC brilliance.

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