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No need to be any subtler about this than Sheavy themselves: Sheavy are classic Black Sabbath reincarnated. Nothing more — God forbid — but not much less either. Synchronized is super cool for those of us who thinks classic Ozzy-fronted Sabbath is super cool. It’s no Sabbath Bloody Sabbath, but it makes a damn fine impersonation of it. And, for whatever reason, it even sounds convincing, exciting, and not really that derivative at all. Imagine that.

Sheavy play classic stoner rock then, taking more than a few cues from a classic like Vol. 4. Sonically, they add the phrasings of Kyuss to their psychedelic hard rock, but vocally, it’s all pure Ozzy. Songs like “Last of the V8 Interceptors” and the title track wouldn’t have sounded too out of place on Master Of Reality, which is a huge compliment, while “Ultraglide” is a new Sabbath ballad for those of us who thinks there are too few of those. “Planet Caravan” it’s not, but hey, what is?

Not reinventing the wheel, then, but Sheavy write great songs — most of the time — and have all the riffs and doomy atmosphere that the originals have been lacking for the last 25 years. You don’t really need this, but if you’re at all into Ozzy-era Sabbath, you won’t be sorry you bought it either.

The Music Cartel:

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