The Pacific Ocean

The Pacific Ocean

So Beautiful and Cheap and Warm

Teen Beat

The Pacific Ocean is a conglomeration of members of indie superstars Versus and Containe. Their music subdued, laid back, and restrained, and almost disinterested. Their disinterest, however, is not false or posturing, as is the case with most of the world’s bored indie rockers. The people in The Pacific Ocean have been around, paid their dues, and are now creating music that is pure, raw, and honest; the results couldn’t be any more beautiful than they are on So Beautiful and Cheap and Warm.

The best songs, hands down, are the ones on which Connie Lovatt is the singer. Her voice is similar to Tanya Donelly’s (Belly, Breeders), yet it’s sweeter and more genuine. She never misses a note, yet she does weird vocal harmonies with the instruments that seem like they shouldn’t work, but they always do.

“Waterflower” is a wandersome, whispered song, with eerie violins, a pounding bass drum, and a beautifully picked guitar; Connie sing/whispers softly above the lovely melodic sounds, creating a simply gorgeous lullaby of sorts. This song is simply wonderful and is the centerpiece of this record.

“Back to Hold You” is a slow, plodding rocker that reminds me of early Starflyer 59 of Mazzy Star’s harder stuff. It also reminds me of The Cure, instrumentation wise, when they get all rocky and start to improvise on their distorted guitars. The mood here is still laid back and subdued, yet the rock flows like water, only to give way to Connie’s sweet voice, about five minutes into the song. The guitars then start picking harmonics, similar to moves made by Sonic Youth on their quieter songs.

I guess I’m trying to say that this is the perfect record for a freezing winter day (like today) or a long, dreamy and stagnant, sunny summer afternoon. I look forward to enjoying this one this summer, as I waste away, laying under the bright sun. This record is wonderful, and will be especially enjoyed by fans of Belly, Sonic Youth, Mazzy Star, Helium, Mary Timony, or other similar bands.

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