The Violents

The Violents

Rebecca’s Morning Voice

Mud / Parasol

A debut album of ambitious and snotty garage punk rock from The Violents here, ten songs that provide an exciting if somewhat shaky starting point for this abrasive female trio. The Violents could surely do with a somewhat tighter musicianship, but the main portion of this album still offers brilliant slabs of daring and energetic indie punk that holds great promises for the future.

The punching hard punk of “Scape Goat,” the garage-y sleaze of “Pants Of Flame” and the slowly grinding “You Don’t Know” are all solid proof that The Violents know how to rock with the best of ’em. They may still sound a bit uncomfortable in a studio setting — particularly the vocals seem to suffer from this — but it’s nothing that experience and confidence won’t cure. The next one should be even better.


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