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Eat More Possum


Antiseen are kings of white Southern trash, but while they have a history of dubious statements and inane posturing, it’s hard to deny the quality of their actual musical accomplishments at their best. And this is the one to go for. TKO finally re-releases their 1992 scruffy death punk classic, decently remastered, with entertaining liner notes and original cover “art.”

Antiseen may be politically incorrect for the sake of it, but while I wouldn’t want to hang out with them on a regular basis, I still appreciate the music on here. Tracks like “Stormtroopers,” “Cactus Jack,” and the call-to-arms “Animals… Eat ‘Em” are huge slabs of stupid, beefy, beer soaked punk rawk with an attitude. If you’re only going to buy one Antiseen album – and trust me, that’s all you’ll ever need – then this is it.

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