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Sin Klub

What a funny treat it is to see that this band still exists! Back when I was attending school at Bowling Green State University, in Ohio, these guys used to play shows all of the time, and I have to admit, I used to love their shows. They were the toughest band around, playing music similar to a cross between early Helmet and Rage Against the Machine. Personal feelings aside (I thought the band members themselves were pretentious and corny coffee shop types), I did enjoy their music.

Those recollections come from 1995 to 1999, and, like I said, it’s good to see that these guys are still together. Not too much has changed for these guys, as 6ixers is a very Helmet-esque rocker, plodding away with big guitars and powerful drumming. The instrumentation is the highlight on this record, as all players in this band R-O-C-K with reckless abandon (as a side note, I remember these guys being a really awesome live show, as they really get into the music and let it rip!). I really like “Shine On…” the album’s second track. It’s one of the only instances that the lead singer’s voice is tolerable, and even kind of cool. He really produces an almost intimidating tone for this song, and with mathy punk like this, intimidation is essential.

For the most part, though, the lead singer’s voice puts a damper on this pretty darn rockin’ record. He does that stupid half talk half scream thing that gets old after the first few songs. If he would scream throughout the entire record, things would be ok. The thing is, he tries to sing melodically from time to time (in the background) and it just comes off as silly. This guy’s a good screamer, so he should just keep screaming and quit trying to be a troubadour.

For a record released on the ultra-cheesey “Sin Klub” label, this is stellar. When that label began, I never thought it would last, but they’ve got themselves a really good band in Evolotto. I’m glad this band is still plugging away, as they have gotten better with age. 6ixers is a really enjoyable rocker, so if you can get it for under $10.00, you won’t be sorry.

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