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Uh, thanks?

I like the website, especially the reviews of bands who are often ignored by the mainstream press but please stop publishing Rob Walsh’s moronic “reviews”. Walsh is a clueless hack. His comment that NSYNC had never recorded anything epochal was hilarious because it seems he actually had to think about whether they did or not. Gee Rob, ya think?

He is a clueless and pretentious jackass who is about a quarter as smart as he thinks he is and his work reads like the scribbling of someone who got a word-a-day calender [sic] for Christmas and thinks he has to use every word in each review.

Pat Hobby

Rob Walsh responds:


Although your “fan mail” is more trash-talk than intelligent critique, I thank you for your response. Next time try a little less insults, and a little more rational dialogue. I welcome all criticism, good and bad (cogent and asinine). It is a measure of sorts that allows me to understand whether or not my responsibility as an honest writer is fulfilled, and if what I write resonates with my audience. So far I have had a lot of positive feedback, which at times makes me a little too comfortable. As a writer, the hardest thing is making sure that the sarcasm and irony that underlie my written word is heard (or read). There is no inflection when one writes, making this an even more arduous feat. Most critics and musicians (and even fans) take themselves too seriously and I like to antagonize. I also like to be self-mocking, when appropriate… as long as I remain honest. Perhaps you should try to read between the lines and not take yourself so seriously. I assure you that it is more than moronic scribbling. Hemmingway described his craft as writing the way people speak. While I try to adhere to this dictum, I often find myself betraying it. After spending the past seven years as a scholarly writer, it is sometimes hard to shed the pretension and self-righteousness; regressing into old ways is perfunctory and unconscious. Thank you for bringing it to my attention. I will try to dumb it down a bit.

As for the word-a-day calendar… Unfortunately, my mother has not purchased one of those for me for years. God I used to love tearing into that gift on Xmas morning. I would happily welcome a donation of one if you are so inclined.

I cannot apologize if I offended your favorite band. But in the future, if you have qualms about what I write, send me an email and we will talk in a rational manner. I believe in call and response, as it is necessary for honest discourse.

Peace, Rob Walsh

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A Note from the Great White South

Just read Matt Thompson’s review of Dropped on the Head Vol. 1. I agree with some of what he’s got to say. But I’m from Western Canada, Alberta, home of one of the bands on that comp to be exact, so please point out to him that a lot of the stuff he thinks is uniquely Southern happens anywhere that has backroads, liquor stores, and countryside with small towns and farms.


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Footloose and Context-Free

The movie is great and do you know about any sort of club called Xibalba or anything about Xibalba period?


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Obligatory AFI Hate Mail

This message is to Allie Gore who reviewed AFI’s Black Sails in the Sunset. You fuckin suck and have no taste in music whatsoever. How about I come over there and smack you bitch? I bet all AFI fans would wanna smack you after the bullshit “reviewing” you did with this CD. Get a real job.



I agree with all the AFI fans. Who the hell are you to judge them you dont know shit! AFI is the best fucking band ever and if you cant see that you obviously havent listened to their subliminal music. Davey is god and you suck. get it? In darkness together… we are forming! p.s. has any1 listened to (which tracks u can listen to) the new AFI cd? it kix ass (OF COURSE) duh! its AFI


This one presents a particularly strong case.

When you hear AFI’s new release, you’ll be eating your own shit.


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That does it for this episode, kids. Remember – keep linking to that AFI story! It’ll only rank us higher on Google. And if you really have to get it off your chest, here’s the form. Send us mail, we like it.

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