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Art Of Fighting


3 Beads of Sweat

Originally released in their native Australia two years back, Wires is Art Of Fighting’s debut album, and a new feather in the hat of Aussie indie pop. Tying in with the British guitar music of post-Radiohead, parallels may be drawn to a band like Coldplay, but Art Of Fighting is at another place completely — this is a tense, claustrophobic album that avoids lazy escapism and comforting lulls.

The opening “Skeletons” somehow manages to combine Built To Spill with Mazzy Star. The sweet, introvert “Akula” brings Songs: Ohia to mind, and “Find You Lost” is the album’s stunning standout track — a beautiful slab of sadcore pop and worth the price of admission alone.

Art Of Fighting have crafted a careful and considered album that knows when to hold back and when not to — its songs are brought to life not only by sheer songcraft, but by Art Of Fighting’s inimitable sense of instrumental dynamics and group interplay. Wires is a fantastic first album from a band that deserve recognition beyond the limits of the indie pop community.

3 Beads of Sweat:

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