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Ba Da Bing

A “best of”-release of sorts, this one seems to be more for the benefit of us spoiled reviewer-types rather than intended for sale. A shame really, because Bright prove to be a very pleasant new acquaintance that, on this evidence, gets better with each new album they put out. Some albums have been released on the regularly brilliant Darla label, while Ba Da Bing (sic) is the unfortunate name of their own, current label.

Meanwhile, this sampler offers good opportunity to recommend 2000’s Full Negative (Or) Breaks, a more shoegazingly rocking effort than any of their former, more acoustically-dominated releases. Culled from that one, “Yeah! Holy Stones” is a dark, introvert rocker, while “I’m Colliding” and “Blue Lines” offer exciting bites of Ride-styled psych-rock. Their Darla release Blue Christian actually seems to be their least intriguing effort, as if the prospect of recording for a “real” label scared them away from being their regular great selves. But the tracks from that particular album are the only misses on this impressively convincing career retrospective. Their next one, due out early this spring, is eagerly anticipated.


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