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Slo-core fighter Silber meets glitchy Norwegian ambient, and the result is unsurprisingly an album of barely moving soundscapes and detailed variation you’ll struggle to register. Origami Arktika’s Kim Mikalsen is the main man behind Kobi, a project that teams him up with different partner for each new track. Many of these are friends from the several Origami outfits (Arktika, Replika, Synergika, etc), while others come from different corners of the rather inbred Norwegian electronica scene.

Not all of this is equally successful, and the album’s first half seems to be little more than a series of casual, overdone drones and tired repetition. However, Projecto gains in impact as it goes along, and really gets into gear by the five or six last tracks, on which the quietly unsettling tones start to jar and to explore or destroy the textures and parameters established by the first half of the album.

Noisemaker John Hegre joins in to create a subtle, unnerving piece on “he turns to welcome me, stretches out his hand,” while Alexander Rishaug contributes the busy, yet barely present hustle of “marked time with his feet or moved his fingers.” Tore Honoré Bøe ushers in with a soaking wet “we were surprised at the quantity and the quality,” and Jazzkammer’s Lasse Marhaug brings everything to a sparkling and sweeping conclusion on “riding her trainer bike on obsessive circles.” Fine ambient post-electronica with some truly outstanding moments.

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