Francois K. and DJ Yellow

Francois K. and DJ Yellow

Bossa Mundo 2

Wave Entertainment

Like Rainer Truby’s Gluklich series, Francois K.’s own Bossa Mundo examines and displays Brazil’s influence on some of the coolest music we listen to today and streams the study into one Getzian smooth collection. Unlike Truby, who delves deeply into Brazil’s past and present (mercifully excluding MPB), K. works only in the now. Bossa Mundo is no archeological adventure. It is, however, a smooth tropical glide straight to the heart of Rio — with electro excursions sprinkled throughout the journey. Francois provides a little house. Gotan Project continues with their Latin/French hybrid with the darkly entertaining “Triptico.” Limbo Experience’s “Deepest Seas” is a staccato erotic voyage into dreamland that lands you knee-deep into some steamy funk territory. My personal favorite, “Ritual” by Brandy, is a raw macumba chant/Brazil beat that simply kicks like capoeira. Francois tempers all this with incredibly smooth ballads by the likes of Muro, Tom & Julie, Blade & Masquenada Family, and Jersey St. The end result is part breezy, part seductive, hot and cool, and perfectly captures the foreigner’s romantic vision of Brazil.

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