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Now This is What We Call Blues Vol. 420

13 Songs That Never Went Near a Chart


Yes the title is a joke, but you’d almost be forgiven for thinking otherwise, what with the current compilations craze. Whoever buys comps anyway, when you can make burn your own best-ofs as easily as never before. Thankfully, Telarc have come up with a label comp that avoids the obvious and instead highlights some of their less-profiled artists and/or songs. And as such, Vol. 420 is a noteworthy effort, and a helpful alternative guideline to Telarc’s impressive catalogue.

Including legends like Charlie Musselwhite and Luther “Guitar” Johnson – the latter one with the splendid “Crazy Over You” – as well as contemporary blues celebs like Tinsley Ellis, Tab Benoit and Ronnie Earl, Vol. 420 makes a point out of the diversity and the sheer scope of Telarc.

Ranging from acoustic crossroads blues to Chicagoan, Texan, soul, funk, and slick urban blues, there=EDs a fair chance that you’re not going to enjoy every single track on here. But as a label sampler that actually dares to give room and attention to the often overlooked parts of its catalogue, this is definitely worth the attention of anyone willing to explore some new, potent blues releases.

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