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Adam Rich


Love Muffin

Well, you’re not missing out on a whole lot if you let this slip by you. Adam Rich, formerly of the completely unknown State Of Green and the barely known Tadpole, releases his third solo album on his own Love Muffin label, and it’s another excursion through acid rock and lo-fi guitar shredding, as unlikely as that may seem. The lo-fi bit may be unintended, but the sound of this thing really warrants no other descriptions.

The dominating sound, though, is one of Richie Kotzen on some really bad acid trying to play Sabbath songs at various speeds. It works best on “Fubar,” a decent slab of fusion shred rawk, while Satriani light tracks such as “Welfare Baby” and “Modine” are best left forgotten. A tad uneven, to put it mildly, but if home-taped acid rock is your idea of a good time, then Adam Rich might just be your man.

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