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Hung Like Horses


Ironboss is the sound of ZZ Top meeting Thin Lizzy and David Lee Roth to play some sweaty, scruffy pub rock, making sure things remain on the melodic side of things. And while they’re certainly not reinventing rock n’ roll on here – or even trying to – this is a fun and carefree album with a title that rocks harder than most.

Elsewhere, the songs have names like “Hi-Ridin’ Babe” and “Pussy on the Corner,” but is thankfully a far less misogynistic affair than that may imply. Ironboss instead offer nice chunks of down home rawk, loads of twin guitar leads, and some dubious jammy bits in-between it all.

“Available for interviews and bare-knuckle boxing,” the press release informs us. Er, no thanks to both of the above. But do keep us posted on future Ironboss releases. Unapologetic rock n’ roll that gets the job done.

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