Luca Turilli

Luca Turilli

Prophet of the Last Eclipse

Limb Music

Rhapsody’s Luca Turilli delivers the goods on his latest solo disc, a huge work of melodic, opera-infused power/speed metal. Clearly influenced by film music, Turilli unblinkingly aims for pretentiousness and drama, and writes songs called “War of the Universe,” “The Age of Mystic Ice,” and “New Century’s Tarantella.” Awright! The opening “Aenigma” and first single “Demonheart” are the two immediate stand-out moments on here, both of them huge like skyscrapers, super pretentious, and incredibly well-crafted pieces of melodic prog-metal.

And while it may be easy to shrug off a typical track like, say, “Prince of the Starlight” — all super melodic sing-along metal with huge choruses, technical bravado and musical-like overkill — there’s no denying that this is the sound of a real talent going against the current trends — or any trend that has ever existed, actually. Turilli is a guitar virtuoso that knows when to hold back and when not to, and Prophet of the Last Eclipse is an uncompromising and well-crafted album that no fan of Rhapsody or Italian power metal in general — as if there’s a difference — should miss out on. The rest of us would probably want to pass on it. But that’s our loss.

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