Malevolent Creation

Malevolent Creation

The Will to Kill


Floridian trash-infused death metallers Malevolent Creation always sounded like a sub-standard Death, and despite some good albums never did manage to realize the potential apparent in that comparison. And The Will to Kill is certainly not going to change any of that. This is stomping aggro-death that quite simply is too conventional by metal standards to ever truly engage on any but the most basal level. Their crushing attack lets us know they mean business, but they’re not doing anything new on here, and simply re-treading ten year-old paths. The lyrics are as stupid as one could possibly hope for, the music as technical and grinding as it should be, but it’s all too cliché-ridden and dull to ever matter much. The Will to Kill stomps along with the best of them, but it’s all been done better before, not least by Malevolent Creation themselves.

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