Mike Shannon

Mike Shannon

Slight of Hand

Force Inc.

The problem with click-house (along with all other avant garde-ish genres — no matter the art form) is accessibility. The natural reaction of most to the new is rejection, which is never helped by the artist’s own hubris and crazy fancies. And, to be frank, a lot of the click clique (including Akufen and Geez ‘n Gosh — both of whom I love) can just be plain out there.

Mike Shannon surprisingly avoids a lot of the traps many of his compatriots fall into, and, maybe it’s a testament to his talent or my own growing familiarity with and admiration for the genre, but the man is impressively accessible (so much so, I’m almost willing to forgive the misspelling of the title). Slight Of Hand is pure house. Shannon keeps his blips and bleeps impressively constrained within the 4/4 beat. The end result is something enjoyable and very easy to dance to. While many out there could still definitely experience violent Luddite revulsion to this futurist celebration of technology, those out there willing to open their minds and hips to the music could have a lot of fun here. Slight is, perhaps, the most “user-friendly” click house project to date and, therefore, the easiest for the novice to enjoy.

Force Inc.: http://www.force-inc.com/

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