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Deluxe Collection de Pralines Stereo

Stereo Deluxe

When Stereo Deluxe ruler supreme, Oli Rösch, died last August in a motorcycle accident, his kingdom must have been turned on its head. After all, in the seven years of Rösch’s rule, he has assembled an impressive roster with acts like The Funky Lowlives, Boozoo Bajou, Bobby Hughes Combination, Moodrama, and Mo’ Horizons and a buttery sound that mixed more flunky flavors than a steaming bowl of jambalaya. However, the Stereo Deluxe team has survived and is now pressing ahead. This compilation is a brilliant clarion call to rally the troops and appreciate the Deluxe sound. “The king is dead! Long live the king!”

And this chocolate-motifed compilation may be the first tome that will make Rösch immortal one day. This is a brilliant sampling with the dub/lounge blues of Boozoo Bajou’s “Camioux”; The Strike Boys’ psychotropic, broken beat funk, “Music’s in the Air”; The Funky Lowlives’ irrepressible “Irreplaceable,” which actually makes your heart smile; and Bobby Hughes Combination’s soulful retro jazz. There’s also some hearty nu jazz and lounge by the likes of Emo, Soul’n’Soda, Robbyn Rhodes, and Razoof to make this compilation more than worth you while and establishes Stereo Deluxe as a label well deserving of further scrutiny and enjoyment.

Stereo Deluxe:

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