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Voodoo Roux Deux

Various Artists


Voodoo Roux Deux is an interesting collection of electronica that swirls with dark, inky colors and ominous beats. With bits of dub and downtempo and Nausea-inspiring ambient sounds, this is a suicide watch disc waiting to happen. There are moments of monotony, though, and more than a bit of boredom (as some of the songs are just way too long); however, there are some intriguing moments that make this compilation worth a listen. Jairamji’s “Chime” is a molasses-slow Desi dub that takes forever to explode into a compelling crescendo with driving drums and cherubic vocals. Potlatch contributes a nice downtempo ditty with “Sleep at the Swamp.” “Coming Down” by Ohm-G is a nice guitar-laden piece of maudlin. And Holger Honda’s “Banana Tribbio” is a fascinatingly dark dance tune that will definitely get you going. While I don’t know if these songs are enough to compel you to buy the voodoo, they are definitely interesting on their own and could’ve used stronger support to round out the disc.

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