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Little Chick Tsunami


Art-school trash pop with a wicked attitude and a smug grin. Sounds lame? Well, it’s anything but. Kelly Ryan is AstroPuppees, and this is her third album of sultry, sing-along garage pop that transcends the narrow boundaries you might associate with such classification. From the glammy Go-Betweens pop rush of “Over Her Head” to the stylishly strutting “Electric Chair” and the breezy title track, Ryan overwhelms the listener with this weird, happy-go-lucky collection of bedroom punk.

While there’s never no doubt to who’s in charge, a solo affair like “Long as U Love” offers evidence that she’s at her best when backed up by her loose coalition of friends and musical cohorts. Amongst those adding power and life to her music, are mainstay Maureen Serrao as well as Swan Dive’s Bill DeMain and Gin Blossoms’ Jesse Valenzuela – the latter two also co-wrote a few tracks with her, although it’s her solo compositions that truly stick out. Easily bored and always on the move, Little Chick Tsunami is a fun and playful album that remains dead serious and brutally honest even as it tells jokes. Great stuff.


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