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The Sullied



If you were to go by appearances (i.e., the CD cover and inner sleeve art work), The Sullied would be playing some pretty aggressive hardcore. Fortunately, looks are deceiving. A hard rocking quartet who add a violin to their mix of metal, blues rock, and progressive balladry, The Sullied most closely resemble a band like King’s X. They’ve got it al going for them: solid musicianship, tightly woven songs and great vocals of lead singer, Sully (not to be confused with that dude from Godsmack) who blends the best elements of King’s X vocalist Doug Pinnick (an underrated singer who’s got a serious set of pipes) with the priapic vocal stylings of David Lee Roth. I mean, the guy can really sing. Meltdown is heavy, but it’s not all cock rock attitude. “Die For You” is a gorgeous metal ballad with a sharp descending tom fill segueing chorus with verse, and making excellent use of David Ragsdale’s near-hallucinatory Roxy Music-esque violin riffs. “Flower” is a also disarmingly subtle seduction song flowing in on a rhythm borrowed from Stone Temple Pilots.

As good as the album’s first half is, the real payoff comes in the final few cuts, beginning with “The Devil’s Own” — a focused instrumental providing Eddie Garcia with a perfect forum to show off his significant drumming chops. Two of Meltdown‘s best tracks are “I Know a Fool,” a meticulously measured slow jam that builds toward a finely executed rock & roll crescendo; and “Cowboys,” a hook heavy mid-tempo rocker that has “potential chart hit” all over it. By the time The Sullied bring it all to a close with “Save My Love,” you’ll be ready to hit the repeat button. Recommended if you like: Van Halen, King’s X, Living Color, Stone Temple Pilots, Soundgarden, Kansas.

The Sullied:

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