Two Week Notice

Two Week Notice

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What an interesting little punk CD! The artwork to this CD caught my attention immediately, with a color scheme I’ve never really seen before (different hues of pink and red above a black and white picture of the band). Enough with the artwork…

Two Week Notice play guitar driven pop punk with melodic vocals, in the vein of a more straight forward Discount or Bivouac-era Jawbreaker with Tanya Donelly (Belly, Breeders) singing. The guitars on this record are ridiculously big and powerful and completely blow away a listener wearing headphones (me). I thought this was good on my stereo, but it’s really wonderfully produced, and sounds spectacular on headphones.

The EP’s first track, “Remember The Memories” sounds very much like a modern version of The Go-Go’s, had they grown up in the late 1990s. The verse is a pounding flurry of big drums, vicious guitar, and grainy bass with the delightfully sweet voice of lead singer Loryn. The chorus is a tremendous explosion of amazing melody and triumphant rock! The chorus to this one is as catchy anything I’ve heard by the great chorus masters (Weezer, Get Up Kids, That Dog, Breeders, etc.). If you have a local indie radio station, do everyone a favor and beg them to get this CD and play this song. It’s just a wonderfully written pop song, with fiercely sharp teeth!

Similar kudos are deserved for the EP’s second track “Threehundredandtwenty.” This one sounds kind of like a more aggressive Discount, with praise being sent out to God. The album’s other two songs are solid and well crafted, but are not as infectious as the first two.

It’s seems pretty amazing that a label like Tooth & Nail or BEC hasn’t bothered to sign these guys. Tooth & Nail pretty much cover the gamut of punk rock, and they could use a good pop punk band. If Two Week Notice isn’t careful, though, they could end up breaking into major mainstream radio airplay, if they’re not careful! This one’s only $6.00 at their Web site, and is really fantastic.

Two Week Notice:

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