Until The End

Until The End

Let the World Burn


A brief and oddly uneven straight edge hardcore attack from the stomping Until The End — 26 minutes of pissed-off metalcore divided between six studio-recorded songs and three horrendously recorded live tracks. The amazingly unconvincing attempts at faking a British punk accent aren’t enough to detract from the power of the best moments on here, with the fiery “The Bond to Breath” being a particular standout track.

The lyrics all revolve around feelings of estrangement, how stupid everyone is, and finding comfort in (punk) music, but the songs themselves are too anonymous to ever get the point across effectively.

The sound quality of the three live songs is so shitty that you don’t really need to bother with them. They may have been taken from a great show for all I know, but there’s no way you’re going to find out by listening to this. You probably had to be there.

Eulogy Recordings: http://www.eulogyrecordings.com

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