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The Coral

Skeleton Key EP


The Coral’s self-titled debut album caught the European underground – and the UK mainstream – with frenzy last year, and it’s finally scheduled for a North American release. But first this, a five-track teaser with four unreleased tracks added to the one album track, “Skeleton Key.” And what a song that is, the title track. Imagine Captain Beefheart on ecstasy playing some sinister Eastern European sea shanty – and imagine radio picking up on it too. Now that’s The Coral to you. “God Knows” is another sea shanty from the darkest recesses of the netherworld, like Brian Wilson gone wrong, while “Sheriff John Brown” is a brilliant, crazed ballad that somehow makes perfectly sense in the world of The Coral. “Darkness” is a slab of sweet psych-pop, but it still sounds like the B-side fodder it admittedly is. So they’re human after all. Look out for their upcoming full-length album, and get this one while you’re waiting.

The Coral:

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