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Patrick Park

Under the Unminding Skies


Patrick Park announces his arrival with a whisper on this debut EP, but there’s nothing modest or shy about the music this multitalented newcomer talent offers up. Singing with frail power, Park conjures images of 1970s classic pop filtered through alt-country’s shrewd visions of the New West, like some down to earth version of Kevin Tihista.

Covering “Caroline Goodbye” by Colin Blunstone, everyone’s second favorite Zombie, and bravely tackling “Will the Circle be Unbroken,” Park impressively succeeds in bringing attention to his original material as well. “Love is a Bomb” is a great track somewhat reminiscent of a un-U2-ified Ed Harcourt, and “Nothing’s Wrong” has a melody so beautiful it’ll crawl its way into your dreams.

Under the Unminding Skies does leave a bit to be desired, mainly regarding arrangements and instrumental playfulness. Park is a competent musician, but the two songs on here featuring guest drummers provide a fuller, more complimentary sound to his lush guitar playing. Elsewhere, arrangements are too self-effacing to truly realize the songs’ potential, and listening to this, one imagines what it would have sounded like if given the full band treatment.

That being said, Patrick Park is an enticing new acquaintance, a talent to rival Elliott Smith by time and musical growth. Under the Unminding Sky may not yet offer proof as to his full potential, but it bears solid testimony to the emergence of a new, strong voice in 1970s-induced alt-country.

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