Clue To Kalo

Clue To Kalo

Come Here When You Sleepwalk


Once the languid beats and innocent twilight melodies of Mark Mitchell’s (aka Clue To Kalo) spacious oddity of an album hits the fourth track, you begin to realize a certain cohesion to this eccentric electronic work. Vocals are sparse within a copious field of quirky bleeps, calming drones and soft-beat persuasion.

By the midway point, you also assume that Mitchell has taken a cue from such mellow, psyched-out experimenters as Boards of Canada, Matmos and Greg Davis. Although much of the tranquilized rhythms are reminiscent of IDM’s past, Mitchell proves that a few synths and some software can go a long way in the musical mainframe, especially when there is a trance-inducing soul lying underneath the miasma of sound. With the title, and more importantly the music, it’s almost as if Clue To Kalo can gauge an oncoming dream-state from the listener. Why not just give into it, then?

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