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Happy 2b Hardcore

Chapter Seven: A New Beginning


Canadian DJ Anabolic Frolic released the purported final Happy 2b Hardcore mix album back in 2001, but in the finest horror movie tradition, he manages to squeeze just a little bit more life out of a buried zombie. The zombie analogy is only good for so long, though. Not only is there something undeniably anachronistic about this mid-‘90s upbeat hardcore dance music still being around, but there’s not really much horror or fright to be found on here.

Rather, this is a dizzy club ride through incessantly gleeful hardcore, with, as the cover promises, a lower speed limit of 140 bpm. It’s not subtle, then, and it certainly isn’t too clever either. But it’s energetic fun, with Anabolic Frolic succeeding in doing exactly what he sets out to do: keep the tracks flowing, the beats thumping and the bodies swaying. If psychotically happy, chemically induced grinning is your idea of a good time, then invite your friends over, tell ‘em to bring the strobe lights, and put this one on. You can’t really go wrong with that.

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