Go-kart Vs. The Corporate Giant

Go-kart Vs. The Corporate Giant

Volume 3


Kicking off with the brilliant hard-emo of Capture the Flag’s “Fly Like The Wind,” Go-kart immediately sets the tone for their latest label compilation (the third in the Vs. series). Go-kart is undoubtedly one of the most exciting punk labels out there, not least because of their refusal to sign only similarly-styled artists. But while you’ll find everything from the brutal political hardcore of Toxic Narcotic to Bantam’s snotty Brit-punk, most bands on here are defined by their melodic approach and considered musicality.

Out of the album’s 30 tracks, about half of them are previously unreleased. Sadly, none of these are by the brilliant Manda and the Marbles. Still, never-before-heard tracks from Sick On The Bus, I Farm and the aforementioned Capture the Flag are reason enough for people to check this out. Already available songs from Pseudo Heroes, Daycare Swindlers, Revolution Summer and Plan A Project make it an even more worthwhile purchase.

You’d be crazy to enjoy everything on here, but there’s no denying Go-kart’s unusually strong artist roster. Go-kart Vs. The Corporate Giant is a reminder of both the label’s diversity and its coherent musical vision.

Go-kart Records: http://www.gokartrecords.com/

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