Icons of Filth

Icons of Filth


Go Kart

Another of the crusty punk veterans from the dead-gone-back again-gimme-more-bullets generation of rabble rousers in tattered trousers with no dollars but plenty o’ dreams. I’ve listened to this about three or four times, and keep coming back to “Fast And Loose” and “Just Won’t Go” for the simple pleasures of shout alongs and self-inflicted bodily injury. These two tracks represent Icons of Filth’s cavity crashing collisions with vindictive verbiage delivered with an ol’ school bottle to the head charm from one-track minds that never waver from an original intent to live free, make a statement and make blatant asses of themselves and anyone in a three piece. “Henry Ford” is a catchy little number that pays homage to the late great inventor, yet seems suspiciously caught in the crossfire of convenience and collision. “Orators Of Mumbo Jumbo” is self-explanatory by name, and noteworthy for a memorably catchy tone that’s equal parts Henry Rollins and heavy metal riffing (see also “Grind”). “Nostradamnedus” is pure anarchism the way it was meant to be deployed — at high volume on cheap equipment with no mix and a garbled wail of vocal inducing whiplash that does nothing to dispel the notion that bourbon whisky is not permitted on the premises of the production studio!

Among those handful of the extreme hardcore follow up to the late ’70s British punk invasion that reared the likes of The Varukers, Conflict, Discharge and GBH, the granddads of dirt have resoundingly extended their underground appeal with another fine example of technically imprecise, mad as hell muscle-flexing. Put another way, I have heard the future, and we’re all fucked.

Go Kart Records: http://www.gokartrecords.com/ • Icons of Filth: www.iconsoffilth.info

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