Low Technicians

Low Technicians



Low Technicians struggle to get things up and moving on their first full-length album, coming across like a watered-downed version of the Cure a bit too often. “No Real Solution” is reminiscent of fluffy early-’80s synth-pop as seen through some trance filter. Elsewhere there is too much faceless blandness, too little punch and too much sub-standard songwriting.

Seems like Low Technicians have saved the best for the album’s latter half. “The Grey” has some delicately jarring edges, displaying a darker, unsettling atmosphere, rather than the safe confines of formulaic pop. “Lifetime” and “These Words” follow suit, showing the twosome taking a far more focused, edgier approach. It’s not enough to make up for what has come before, but it’s enough to warrant giving their next move some attention.

Diffusion Records: http://www.diffusionrecords.com/

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