If one is to believe the Catholic theologians, limbo is the lifeless void where exists the eternal nothing, where (unlike purgatory) even the face of God cannot be contemplated. This is the perilous fate of the unbaptized soul.

But what of people born without soul, where do they go? Are they stuck in a place worse than limbo? Worse than hell? An eternal Lawrence Welk ballroom with ear-bleeding cheesy music and suffocating, tiny bubbles? I only wonder because wherever this place may be, wherever the Catholic God chose to place this sanctum of eternal torment for the soulless ones, there, one day, we will find producer Stefan Lundaahl. As Omnimotion, Lundaahl has created an ambient disc without soul, without spirit, without anything that can be mistaken for life. It’s full of dark synth swirls and tepid beats, nothing you haven’t heard, fallen asleep to, or turned off before. It’s an 80-minute drone that enervates like an aural vampire, draining everything from your dying husk.

And, if this disc succeeds in its mission to leave you an empty shell, you will be in that place, the Uber Limbo, floating cold, lifeless, with nothing to see and nothing to feel as Omnimotion drones in your ear all along your slow, nihilist journey around the infinity loop.


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