Peven Everett

Peven Everett

Studio Confessions


Peven Everett is the fix for R & B fans jonesing for soul in their music. Here is a man who can sing and, while providing some great music, depends more on the vocal chords than the studio mixing board. Don’t be mistaken, Everett has a nice sound. It’s one nice, chilled groove with hip-hop edge and Frankie Beverly mellowness. It’s a refreshingly smooth ride through a glazed-out head-nod session. And over these icy notes, glides Everett’s buttery vocals. If you’re looking for the death-throe histrionics of current R & B crooners who sound like a ball peen hammer’s been taken to their testicles, Peven’s not your man. Instead, like the aforementioned Beverly or Raphael Saadiq, this singer uses his voice subtly, which oozes with unpretentious soul. While the average American Idol addict wouldn’t even recognize Everett, this is what singing is all about. Solid, soulful, and with depth without the (soap) operatic hysterics. In fact, along with Saadiq’s Instant Vintage and Donnie’s The Colored Section, Studio Confessions has to be one of the best soul albums I’ve heard in a long while.

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