Track & Field

Track & Field

Track & Field


Funk don’t die. It only multiply. And, if you don’t believe (which means you’ve been living under a rock-deluded rock for the past five decades), just listen to this latest project from musician/producer/recording engineer, Mike Kohler. As Track & Field, Kohler puts the soul into lounge, giving dedicated head nodders something funky to which to listen. Spanning the soulful jazz timescape between Richard “Groove” Holmes and John Medeski, tripping along the line between jazz and dance music, Track and Field is an experience worth having. Kohler uses a real, live bass (wonder of wonders!) and juicy Hammond grooves to insert the organic into his samples, loops, bleeps and bloops. Yet, every song has a boogie-in-your-bones, good-time feel, as though Jimmy Smith and Wes Montgomery left the junk joint, changed their names to Kruder and Dorfmeister, and grooved the hipster, Manhattan clubs. Kohler has a funky-good-time vision and spirit that is well-deserving of the tradition he emulates. The funk most definitely lives on.


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