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Hollis and the Mighty McGregor

Miss the Plane


Scotsmen Hollis Webb and Andrew McGregor perform their strummed, semi-rustic, sing-along folk with passion and a deceiving lightness. “In Amsterdam” may be too jolly for its own good, but elsewhere there are the nouveau folk-twang of “Earthquake” and the part fun/part weird “Dropped You” to keep things interesting.

A couple of more subdued moments pop up on the disc’s second half to shake things around a bit. While this twosome doesn’t pretend to bring anything new to the table, their honest, disarming performances make for an unusually enticing ride.

Hollis and the Mighty McGregor have one foot planted on folksy territory and the other on indie-pop soil, ensuring this is a lovely if unchallenging listen. Miss the Plane is a sprawling affair, but the better moments hold much promise for future endeavors.

Hollis and the Mighty McGregor:

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